Arena Pernambuco
  • Arena Pernambuco
    AGC's high-performance fluoropolymer film “Fluon®ETFE Film” has been used in the exterior façade of the 46,000-capacity Arena Pernambuco. Located in Brazil, the football stadium is one of the venues of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Approximately 25,000 square meters of AGC’s 0.25 mm-thick Fluon®ETFE Film is used across Arena Pernambuco’s entire exterior façade.
  • ISPO2012
  • fine chemicals
    AGC has a unique position as a producer of pharmaceutical and agricultural fine chemicals with a particular expertise in fluorine chemistry. AGC focuses constantly on the development of innovative chemicals whilst at the same time respecting the natural environment around us.
  • etfe
    Fluon®ETFE has excellent chemical resistance, electrical insulation and mechanical properties. Applications include wire and cable coating. When supplied as a powder it can be used for rotational moulding and electrostatic coating.
  • aflas
    Aflas is a unique fluoroelastomer based on an alternating copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene (TFE/P) used to fabricate O- rings, gaskets, seals, and packings. It can also be extruded to make hose and wire coatings.
  • ETFEfilm
    Fluon®ETFE Film is the material of choice for impressive architectural structures such as the World Cup football stadium, Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany. Other applications includesolar panels, greenhouses, interior design and mould release films.
  • PTFE
    Fluon®PTFE is used in everyday applications for its wear and creep resistance, lubricity, non-stick characteristics and electrical insulation properties.
  • AsahiGuard
    AsahiGuard is made of a special fluororesin coating agent, protects textiles and leather against water, oil and soil. Its low surface tension causes oils and stains to bead rather than soak into the material.
  • lumiflon
    Lumiflon is a fluorinated resin for highly durable paints and coatings. It maintains the colour and gloss on a wide range of prestigeous buildings, bridges and vehicles.
  • silica
    AGSI Tech is a subsidiary company of AGC which produces spherical composites with a silica base, mainly for chromatography applications, separation and purification (M.S. Gel), and cosmetics, thickening agents (paint), additives (Sunsphere- Sunlovely)
  • This Kemmy
    This is Kemmy, our company mascot. Kemmy takes the shape of a benzene ring, symbolising chemistry, with a green leaf, signifying our natural environment. Chemistry for a Blue Planet is our company slogan.

AGC Chemicals is a leading producer of fluorochemicals and fluoropolymers.

AGC Chemicals Europe (AGCCE) is owned by the ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD. of Japan, whose principal business interests are glass and chemical products.


Here at AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd. we look after fluoropolymer, fluoroelastomer and fluorochemical sales in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region. For fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers and fluorochemicals in North America please contact AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.(AGCCA). AGC Chemicals also has sales offices in Singapore & Shanghai.

AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd Amsterdam

The Commercial Centre of AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd. is located in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam and markets Fluon® ETFE film, F-Clean® ETFE film, Asahi Guard®, Lumiflon®, Silica, Solvents, Cytop, polyols for polurethanes and Fine Chemicals.


The Commercial Centre Amsterdam: Tel +31 (0) 20 880 4170

Sales enquiries for all products (except Fluon® & Aflas®) may be sent to the email address:

AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd UK

AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd. is responsible for the marketing of
Fluon® PTFE, Fluon® ETFE (including ETFE & FEP colour concentrates for wire & cable), Fluon® PFA, Aflas® fluoroelastomers, Fluon® ETFE film, F-Clean® ETFE Film, Asahi Guard®, Lumiflon®, Silica, Solvents, Cytop, Polyols for Polyurethanes and Fine Chemicals in Europe.

In Thornton Cleveleys, UK we manufacture Fluon® PTFE resin, Fluon® PTFE dispersions, Fluon® PTFE lubricant powders and Fluon® ETFE resin.  

The multi-lingual business centre has overall responsibility for the sale of Fluon® ETFE, Fluon® PTFE, Fluon® PFA and Aflas® in Europe.

Head Office & Production is located in Thornton Cleveleys, UK

For Fluon or Aflas enquiries: Tel. + 44 (0) 1253 861800



  • K-Show2013_1
    AGC Chemicals Europe exhibited at the K Show 2013.
  • K-Show2013_2
    AGC Chemicals Europe exhibited at the K Show 2013.
  • CPHI13
    AGC Chemicals Europe exhibited at CPHI 2013.
  • AGC-GesEck-1968
    AGC Chemicals Europe exhibited at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, 19-21 March 2013.
  • AGC-Front-1978
    The show was a success with many new enquiries for and meetings with existing customers and trading partners.

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AGC is a world leading producer of fluorochemicals and fluoropolymer materials.

AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd. is registered in England. Company Registration Nº: 3825057.

Registered Office: PO Box 4, York House, Hillhouse International,
Thornton Cleveleys,
Lancashire FY5 4QD VAT No. GB 732 8037 42

Commercial Centre: World Trade Center, Zuidplein 80, 1077 XV Amsterdam

VAT No. NL  8172 30 397 B01

AG Chemicals Europe's management system is quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001


The company is a member of Plastics Europe (, the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce (Membership Nº: 181) and Chemicals Northwest (


‘Kemmy’ is the company mascot of AGC Chemicals and has a benzene ring for a head to symbolise chemistry and a green leaf to represent the natural environment.

Kemmy is present on the company premises worldwide and makes an appearance at every exhibition or public event to remind everyone that AGC Chemicals provides products that help the environment and also acts responsibly towards the environment in its manufacturing processes.
The company’s corporate vision ‘Chemistry for a Blue Planet’ is about how chemistry can contribute to environmental solutions.

AGC’s High Performance Fluon®ETFE Film Used in the National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub

AGC, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, announced today that its fluoropolymer product, Fluon®ETFE Film, has been used in the newly constructed 55,000-capacity National Stadium in Singapore.

For more information see the

Biba Award


AGC has developed the first glass roof for the players' benches at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil & World Cup 2014. The images also highlight Fluon®ETFE Film which was used in all sections of the Arena Pernambuco stadium’s exterior façade.

For more information see the AGCCE NEWS page.

Biba Award


AGC Chemicals Europe has been announced as a finalist in the Exporter of the Year category of this year's BIBA Awards.

For more information see the AGCCE NEWS page.

10k Charity Run


Alongside Mexichem Fluor, AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd. has made a multi-million pound investment in Fenix Fluor, securing the supply of the raw material needed to manufacture its Fluon® branded fluoropolymer products in Thornton Cleveleys.

For more information see the AGCCE NEWS page.

10k Charity Run

AGCCE Staff Pound The Pavements for Charity

13 of the team at AGC Chemicals Europe's UK head office and plant  in Thornton Cleveleys are in training for a 10km run to support a well-known local hospice.

For more information see the AGCCE NEWS page.

ETFE Film featured on the BBC website.

Click here to watch the video

AGC Asahi Glass becomes a 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Branded Licensee

October 30th, 2012

As a world-leading manufacture of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, AGC Asahi Glass (AGC) is proud to announce that the Company has signed an agreement to become a branded licensee of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

For more information see the AGCCE NEWS page.

Stuart Ede Award

AGC Chemicals was shortlisted for 4 categories at the Lancashire Business Environment Awards 2012 including a category for Environmental Champion, which rewards individuals for their environmental efforts. This award was won by Stuart Ede, an Environmental Specialist with AGCCE, who was nominated by his colleagues.

For more information see the AGCCE NEWS page.

Groundwork Charity

AGC Chemicals Europe in partnership with the charity, Groundwork, is sponsoring & attending 60 hours of environmental-themed workshops about subjects such as solar energy & recycling to 8-12 year olds in Lancashire's schools.

For more information see the AGCCE NEWS page.

Click the following link to visit the dedicated AsahiGuard European website
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